The Pro's and Con's of Having Children

Posted by Unknown on 12:55 PM

Ok, so having kids is awesome and my boys bring me so much joy, but yes... there are a few downfalls.  Fortunately, the good outweigh the bad.  Phew.  Anyway, I have decided to jot down a few of the PRO'S of having kids and a few of the CON'S.  Yeah, let's take this journey...

PRO: Having kids allows you to have fruit snacks and multiple boxes of Little Debbie snacks in the house without feeling like a complete loser.

CON: You eat said gummies and Little Debbie snacks, leaving none for your children.

PRO: Having kids and a babysitter at home allow you to leave a boring party early without guilt.

CON: Having kids and a babysitter at home forces you to leave a good party basically before it gets started.

PRO: Buying cute clothes for your kids is ridiculously fun.

CON: They outgrow that crap before it's third wear.

"Oh look, this says 18 months.  This will fit my child."  

WRONG.  Carter's size "18 months" is for tiny mini people.  Beware.

PRO: They become much easier to feed once they start eating real food.

CON: Once they start eating real food... they start eating YOUR food.

PRO: You always have a shopping date when you need to go to Target.

CON: Your shopping date throws crackers on the floor, has to pee 3 times within an hour, and screams at you in the middle of checking out.

I'd rather step on a lego.
PRO: You get to spend all of your time with them.

CON:  You have to spend all of your time with them.

PRO: You found an awesome daycare or babysitter who is like family and you trust them with your kids.

CON: Paying for childcare is like paying for two brand news cars, but then still driving a 2003 purple Dodge Stratus.

PRO: Once your kids get old enough, they can be entertained by a cartoon while you get ready in the morning.

CON: You will sing the theme song to Go, Diego, Go under your breath as you sit at your desk.  All day.  All day long.

"... with baby Jaguar by his side!"
PRO: If your kids are still young enough to take naps, you can get all your stuff done during the 1-3 hours they're sleeping.

CON: Your kid can fall asleep for 7 1/2 minutes on the car ride home... and will definitely be up the rest of the day.

PRO: Hearing them say their first word is absolutely precious.

CON: Two years later, they DON'T. STOP. TALKING.

No, seriously... they don't stop talking.

I hope this has served to give you a nice, condensed list of the ins and outs of child-rearing.  Now, I'm off to take my crazy pills and go hang with my kids.

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